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Good Overall

I liked it quite a lot, only thing was though that the music got very annoying after a short while and also the animation was a little too fast, some of the things in the movie i missed and they were just a slight flicker in the corner of my eye. Besides that, nice work.

Not so good

Its originality is good and the animaton also looks very nice. But, i cant see why this got front page if it isnt going to be expanded upon, and also it is so short. I dont think it's good enough for front page, but i do think it's good.


I actually got a giggle out of that one =) well done! Quite a lot of humour in that one!

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Can be changed

It would of been a lot lot better had the mouse be the use for movement and also a selection of guns.
For what it was though it was a good game, only too easy. I managed to play this whilst posting on the bbs as the same time and still not die. By implementing stronger guns you will then be able to add harder monsters/zombies etc etc which will improve the game greatly.


It was all in all a good game to play just once. The final boss took far too long to kill though and it was a little too easy.
The one thing i really liked was the end sequence 'Carlton' happened to look like Adam from Streets Of Rage chained up when you complete that too. Nice touch.


i think this game could do extremely well, like, frontpage if only there was sound, some sort of background, different levels(with different music and backgrounds maybe?) sorta use the noticable clich├ęs a lot of sidescrolling airplane shooters have, but give it an original twist. its what all good games are, originals of a copy

shapedafly responds:

thanx 4 the review

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very clever

Quite nicely put together :)

Not enough

Its way too short. I was expecting the song to rbeak into a melody but it didnt, it was the same, linear sound from begining to end.
If you use this as an intro into something, make it slightly shorter though, it would be great, but as it stands, im not liking it =(

spawn28 responds:

the only reason i submited this before 100% dont was to get some help on what i should add


I like the "dry atmosphere" youve created there.
It sounds industrial like, which is another added bonus as that sound is hard to achieve alongside a good catchy melody.
Well done.

synteza responds:

I'm sure I put less than 8 effort into this song! It went down rather smooth, hahah. This song does have a lot of industrial machine noise to it, as I personally destroyed all of the sounds :)

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